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Treatment Philosophy

At East Side Acupuncture we believe health is about the whole person. That means we do not just treat a disease or a few symptoms but we treat the whole person – mind, body, and spirit, inside and out. The benefit of that approach is that you can get really from your primary health issues as well as obtaining an overall improvement to your quality of life. You may find that you have more energy, less stress, and sleep better. Some patients even realize that they had other health issues that they were ignoring, had just gotten used to, or just thought was normal until it had improved.

Treating a whole person instead of just symptoms also means that our treatments are very individualized. 5 patients with more or less the same health problem may get 5 different treatments. This is because acupuncture looks to treat the root cause of disease, not just its symptoms. Those 5 patients may all have the same symptom but the root cause will be different for each. By treating the root cause of disease we are able to achieve long lasting results. Conversely treating a symptom may help relieve the symptom for a while but once treatment stops the symptom may return if the root cause is not addressed. This is especially important for the many chronic diseases that affect our modern world.

Our primary treatment method is acupuncture but we also incorporate herbal medicine, heat therapy, soft tissue work, as well as nutrition and lifestyle counseling, all of which fall under the heading of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These various methods can combine to create a very powerful change in a patient’s health. We also believe that education is an important part of health care (did you know doctor comes from the Latin word for teacher?). Traditional Chinese medicine may seem a little weird at first to some but we use a very accessible language understandable to all, not just complex medical jargon that requires an advanced degree to understand. As such we can help patients understand their bodies better and make better choices in regards to their lifestyle.

There are many practitioners of various alternative medicines that would lead you to believe that they have the one single answer to all health care issues. At East Side Acupuncture we believe there is no medical system that has all of the answers. Instead we think that each has its strengths and weaknesses and when those strengths overlap they can be used together to achieve better results than one alone. Therefore we are more than willing to work along with your other healthcare providers to help you achieve your health goals. If, however, you have tried other methods or are just looking for a safe and effective alternative then acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine may be just the thing for you.

Regardless of what your health concerns are, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not wait to take care of yourself. The quicker a problem is dealt with the easier and faster it can be fixed. Call East Side Acupuncture today at 315-569-6579 to find out more about how we can help you achieve health, harmony, and happiness.

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