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Why acupuncture?  Why not?!  Couldn’t hurt.  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years.  We were charting my BBT and watching for “signs” of fertility.  We tried a ton of stuff.  One day my mother had asked if I had ever considered acupuncture for fertility.  She said that she had a co-worker whose daughter tried it for her fertility and after one session she ended up pregnant!  I thought about it and figured that we had tried so many other things with no luck so why not give it a try!  I talked with my husband who thought the same thing.
My first session with Casey was on August 1st. I was a little nervous at first but Casey put me right at ease.  We talked a bit before my acupuncture.   When the first needle was placed I was surprised to find that I barely felt it.
My sessions were once a week for the last 9 weeks.  On September 6th we found out that we are pregnant! I was asked if I thought acupuncture played a roll in us getting pregnant and both my husband and myself feel that it did!  That was the only thing that we had changed!  Thank you to Casey and your needles!
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