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Acupuncture for an active lifestyle

I lead a very active lifestyle and for 4 years I had been experiencing pain in my arms as well as fatigue and shortness of breath whenever I worked out.  I had been to several doctors who prescribed the general remedies; iron supplements, ibuprofen and rest. Finally I just gave up and conceded to the idea that the pain would never go away. After constant nudging from my training coach I agreed to go see Casey not really knowing what to expect but figuring that there was nothing to lose at that point.
Upon my first visit Casey was able to identify the problem. He gave me some ways to help improve the conditions which included modifying my diet and taking herbal supplements in addition to the acupuncture.  By the end of the second visit Casey was able to tell me exactly what caused the issue.  By the third visit I was already noticing significant improvements in my energey levels and ability to work out with less pain. Over the course of 6 weeks my activity levels were back to normal and I am free from pain.
One of things I liked most about Casey is he never asked me to stop my activities. Instead he helped me to adjust them to allow my body to heal for a period of time. He is professional and knowledgeable and takes time to explain how acupuncture works to heal the body. Now, having experienced the benefits, I intend to keep acupuncture, and Casey in particular as a regular part of my health and wellness routine

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