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Back pain, stress, and weight loss

I saw Casey for 16 sessions recently. When I went to see him on a referral from a friend I was most concerned with back pain, but I was also working on some weight loss and thought this would help, as well as some stress relief. I was amazed that after the first visit I had absolutely no back pain and that would last about the full two weeks until I saw him again. He has also helped me with wrist and knee pain. I was doing mostly diet, not much exercise, in conjuction with acupuncture and through 3 months lost 32 lbs! My colleagues also notice when I have been to see Casey as my stress levels are much improved. I would highly recommend anyone with pain, stress, or an additional option for weight loss to go see Casey. He’s very professional and there’s no pain with acupuncture. Thank you so much Casey for helping me!!!

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