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Hear what some of our patients have to say…


Why acupuncture?  Why not?!  Couldn’t hurt.  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years.  We were charting my BBT and watching for “signs” of fertility.  We tried a ton of stuff.  One day my mother had asked if I had ever considered acupuncture for fertility.  She said that she had a co-worker whose daughter tried... Read more »

One year of sobriety

When I decided that I wanted to stop drinking; I knew I needed help. I saw a commercial on tv for a addiction recovery place and in it someone was receiving acupuncture. I thought it was a place to start. I found casey on line and made a appt. He asked questions and took some history with out being judgemental then proceded with a

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Acupuncture for an active lifestyle

I lead a very active lifestyle and for 4 years I had been experiencing pain in my arms as well as fatigue and shortness of breath whenever I worked out.  I had been to several doctors who prescribed the general remedies; iron supplements, ibuprofen and rest. Finally I just gave up and conceded to the idea that the pain would never... Read more »

Better living

I sought Casey’s help last year when I started nursing school and became physically ill from all the stress. I had a lot of trouble with my shoulder/back/neck, could not breathe well, and kept having weird pains all over I could not really explain. Casey was able not only to begin unlocking all the chaos in my body, but also

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