Hear what some of our patients have to say…


Why acupuncture?  Why not?!  Couldn’t hurt.  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years.  We were charting my BBT and watching for “signs” of fertility.  We tried a ton of stuff.  One day my mother had asked if I had ever considered acupuncture for fertility.  She said that she had a co-worker whose daughter tried it for her fertility and after one session she ended up pregnant!  I thought about it and figured that we had tried so many other things with no luck so why not give it a try!  I talked with my husband who thought the same thing.
My first session with Casey was on August 1st. I was a little nervous at first but Casey put me right at ease.  We talked a bit before my acupuncture.   When the first needle was placed I was surprised to find that I barely felt it.
My sessions were once a week for the last 9 weeks.  On September 6th we found out that we are pregnant! I was asked if I thought acupuncture played a roll in us getting pregnant and both my husband and myself feel that it did!  That was the only thing that we had changed!  Thank you to Casey and your needles!

One year of sobriety


When I decided that I wanted to stop drinking; I knew I needed help. I saw a commercial on tv for a addiction recovery place and in it someone was receiving acupuncture. I thought it was a place to start. I found casey on line and made a appt. He asked questions and took some history with out being judgemental then proceded with a treatment. For the first few weeks I was anxious but Casey gave me herb supplements and had me take note of the triggers that led me to drink. I had 8 treatments in all but have not picked up a drink since my second treatment. That was one year ago today, my life has changed for the better more than I could of imagined.

Acupuncture for an active lifestyle

I lead a very active lifestyle and for 4 years I had been experiencing pain in my arms as well as fatigue and shortness of breath whenever I worked out.  I had been to several doctors who prescribed the general remedies; iron supplements, ibuprofen and rest. Finally I just gave up and conceded to the idea that the pain would never go away. After constant nudging from my training coach I agreed to go see Casey not really knowing what to expect but figuring that there was nothing to lose at that point.
Upon my first visit Casey was able to identify the problem. He gave me some ways to help improve the conditions which included modifying my diet and taking herbal supplements in addition to the acupuncture.  By the end of the second visit Casey was able to tell me exactly what caused the issue.  By the third visit I was already noticing significant improvements in my energey levels and ability to work out with less pain. Over the course of 6 weeks my activity levels were back to normal and I am free from pain.
One of things I liked most about Casey is he never asked me to stop my activities. Instead he helped me to adjust them to allow my body to heal for a period of time. He is professional and knowledgeable and takes time to explain how acupuncture works to heal the body. Now, having experienced the benefits, I intend to keep acupuncture, and Casey in particular as a regular part of my health and wellness routine

Better living


I sought Casey’s help last year when I started nursing school and became physically ill from all the stress. I had a lot of trouble with my shoulder/back/neck, could not breathe well, and kept having weird pains all over I could not really explain. Casey was able not only to begin unlocking all the chaos in my body, but also to instruct me on the beginnings of better living that have all started coming together. The effects are not always immediate, but I often notice that I can walk taller and sit straighter, like I have had a 50lb weight lifted off my entire being. However, like any true medicine, this is not a fix-all, one time treatment and it should be taken seriously. You really need to change your living habits in order to truly change/fix your health.

Shoulder Pain


After living a year in terrible pain even after a cortisone shot and physical therapy, I was regretfully facing shoulder surgery for an impingement. At this point, I decided to try one last thing…acupuncture. I found Casey through a referral and he was able to completely relieve my shoulder pain through acupuncture…something that I only thought that surgery and a long road of physical therapy would do. I would recommend Casey to anyone considering acupuncture…he explained exactly what he was doing and answered all of my questions, making me feel at ease!

Back and Neck Pain


I have been treated by Casey for an arthritic neck and lower back and have felt an over-all effective reaction to the acupuncture treatment. I recommend him to my friends and they also have had good results.

Back pain and hot flashes


I was referred to Casey Lewis for sciatic pain in my leg, which being a hair dresser was becoming extremely difficult to bear. I was also experiencing hot flashes, day and NIGHT. After one treatment, my pain level immediately went from a 8 to a 1, and I have not had a hot flash since!! I have seen Casey only 6 times in 5 months, and my life now is practically pain free. I would recommend acupunture to anyone looking for an alternative to surgery! Thank You Casey

Back pain, stress, and weight loss


I saw Casey for 16 sessions recently. When I went to see him on a referral from a friend I was most concerned with back pain, but I was also working on some weight loss and thought this would help, as well as some stress relief. I was amazed that after the first visit I had absolutely no back pain and that would last about the full two weeks until I saw him again. He has also helped me with wrist and knee pain. I was doing mostly diet, not much exercise, in conjuction with acupuncture and through 3 months lost 32 lbs! My colleagues also notice when I have been to see Casey as my stress levels are much improved. I would highly recommend anyone with pain, stress, or an additional option for weight loss to go see Casey. He’s very professional and there’s no pain with acupuncture. Thank you so much Casey for helping me!!!

Leg cramps


I have had 8 sessions with Casey, for a few issues I was having. Horrible leg cramps were keeping me up. After the first session (and it doesn’t hurt) I had a great nights sleep. My hands and fingers do not go numb, and my overall physical and mental feelings have become much better! I definitely recommend this New/Old treatment to anyone with problems, and definitely before you decide to have surgery. It just might avoid it! (like it did for my sister, which is another story 🙂 Thank You Casey